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NEW MANIPS!! Totally new =D

Hey people!! I'm here again with some more Photoshop stuff. This time it's not a simple and plain coloring. Now, thanks to a Youtube tutorial, I know how to really manip a photo, so here they are. My first attempts to manip some photos.

I did the Robert/Kristen manip first, the ones made with the Remember Me still and I'm pretty proud of it, because being the first one ever, it's quite nice looking, don't you think??? If you disagree tell me about it in the comments below. Hope you guys like it!! ^^


 (Don't steal this one, please)

These ones are the same one but with different contrast and skin effect.
(The first one of each color is with sharper skin, the 2nds is with softer's)

   Softer Skin

Hope enjoy them!! You can use them if you want, but ask me first, okey???  Just don't steal them.
Love you all!!!


mirala ella que artissta! ya te dije ayer de las que vi que son geniales tia! =) y del as que veo hoy digo lo mismo son G-E-N-I-A-L-E-S!
the first one is great...i love manips!!
ooh the last one, with the sheet, its a really hot kristen!.

oh and they are the first one ever?, yeah they are pretty good. nice work!.
I've just realized who you are xD
And yes, they're the very first ones.
And YOU,you are awesome ^^
How do yo do to make it look real?? because I do it but then I have to blur it so the borders are not so noticeable.
oh yes it is me lol xD. ooh and thanks!, you are so sweet. oh i don´t know, i am obsessive lol. am for the borders, I usually worry about matching the light of the two pics and the colors, also helps a lot use the clone stamp tool, but not with the complete opacity of the tool O: .
Ey!! Siempre es bueno ver mas gente haciendo manips, más si son de españa. Eres la primera paisana que encuentro haciendo este tipo de cosas. :D

Están muy bien, me gusta sobretodo la última de Bella con la toalla. Muy sexy. :D