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New Photoshop stuff... =) *LITTLE BIT SPOILER!!*

Well, here some pictures I photoshoped a little bit a few days ago. Well, some of them I made them a long time ago, but well, this time I've decided to upload them here for U all to see them ^^. As you'll can see the most part of this is Vampire Bella (yeah, I can't wait to BD xD) and the other one it's a kind of "werewolf" Bella. I read some Fanfic summary in Fanfiction.net about Bella as part of the lycan family. I didn't even read it but, it gave me a great idea and here it's, a darker skinned Bella, with beautiful green eyes. I think she looks pretty ^^  Please, they're not tagged because I've just noticed it right now and I don't feel like making a tag and upload all of them again, so, please, don't take them without my permission and if you take them, you know exactly what you have to do, right?? So, you already know.

BYE HONEYS! I’m looking forward your comments.


fucking beautiful!
haha thank you so much!! ^^ I'm glad you think so ;-)
One of these would be perfect for a fic I've just started posting - the one top left.

So...asking permission to use it as an icon when I post the chapters?!

Pretty please?
Sorry, I'm a bit late but I didn't saw this until now xd
YES, feel free to use the ones you want or need, just you know, a little bit of credit ;P
You can request if you need any specific manip, cause I have tons of free time and I'm bored, you if you need any kind of help in that, I'm here.

BTW, I'll read that fic ^^ I love reading, so, I'll be thereeeee!
Yay!!! Thank you SO much!

I will definitely credit you on the icon :D