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Some Photoshop art. [SPOILER ALERT] (This may contain some spoiler)

As you can see I'm totally obsessed with Bella's pregnancy and that's why every single photo with Kristen or Bella with the right angle has a second version with pregnancy belly. The most of these photos belong to

Here some vampire Bella photoshoped, one colour manip of possible Bella in Isle Esme and one Kristen photo-art. (It actually sucks)

Hope you guys have liked it! If you want some of this stuff with different photos, let me know ;-)



hi there! These are great manips! I also cant wait for BD.

Just dropping by, bb.

me encanta los de bella embarazada <3
these are amazing.
the first ones of a pregnant bella are like.. strange.. not the pcis cause they're like more than amazing but if i wanna click on em it shows the one of vampbella with golden eyes.
is that normal?
i hope u fix the cut cause they're amazing <3