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Robert and Kristen have an AVATAR too

So here guys, my new creepy creation in Photoshop CS2 xD

I saw the movie Avatar last Fridayt 1st, and I fell totally in LOVE with it. The characters, the cute blue Navi's and mostly the love story between the two main characters. Then I thought: Why don't I mix two of my fav. actors with one of my new movies aspect??? So then I started with Kristen's picture, and as you can see it's too light blued and I don't know...I like it but at the same time I don't, you know?? It's weird yeah.
Then, today I tried with Rob's avatar and this is what I got. The colour is more similar to the original one than Kristen's although the hair keeps bugging me, because I don't like the end of it, I don't like the result, I'll try to fix that and I'll try to fix Kristen skin colour making it a bit darker.  The eyes are kind of weird but I think it represents more or less Navi's big bright green eyes.  The noses are kind of the thing I like the most but I stil like Rob's more :)

Tell me your opinions honeys!!!  Tell me what things can I change and stuff ;-)

(the photos are individual so click in each one if you want to save them ;-))

Don't steal because I did this myself and I don't like that.

See you!!

PS.: I can make an AVATAR of whoever you want ;-)


Whoa, this is incredible!
I'm glad you like it! ^^ Thank you. :)
wow that's very incredible how you did it!
Great job, even if yes, it's a bit weird to see them like that, but you did a great job :D